Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Word of the Week

                I don’t know that this will be a constant, but I thought it might be fun to try out some unusual, possibly obscure words here on the blog. After all, I profess to be a writer, and writers need lots of words.
                Today’s word is larapin. Now, my dictionary for Word doesn’t even recognize this word. It tells me it should be larruping. But then when I type in larruping, it has no suggestions for synonyms. If you Google the word, you will get several different spellings, also.
                But the meaning of the word is clear – at least, clear to interpretation. The best definition I can come up with is that larapin is an adjective for something that is indescribably delicious. Such as chicken and dumplings, or blackberry cobbler, or my personal favorite, fried chicken for breakfast!
                The only person I ever heard actually use the word larapin was my mother. She used it quite often, because she loved good, home-style country cooking. I thought she had invented the word, as she was prone to do things like that just for entertainment purposes. I was slack-jaw shocked, therefore, when I read the word in a novel a few short years ago. In fact, I called my sister and told her I had to read a passage of the book to her, because she wasn’t going to believe what I had read. Her shock was equal to my own, and we talked for over an hour reminiscing about the good old, larapin days of our childhood.
                Do you have any peculiar words in your vocabulary files? Please feel free to share them here. And I’m challenging each of you to use the word larapin at least once in the near future. It should be a great conversation starter, unless you’re from the deep south and use it on a regular basis.


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