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My 13 Favorite Halloween Movies

I decided for October to dedicate my blog to Halloween observances and minutia. This is a very busy time for me, so some of these posts will be rather short. But hopefully they are still sweet enough to remind us all of the upcoming festivities with all the candy they involve.

To begin with, I am going to share my top favorite movies for the season. Not all of these are Halloween themed, but they all have a bit of a fright factor. Keep in mind, since this is a kid-friendly blog, the movies are all family appropriate. Horror is a fine genre, but Psycho scarred me for life, so I won't be including any recommendations for something I couldn't handle.

I have placed these in alphabetical order, not in the particular order of my personal preferences. They are all a lot of fun.

1. Casper - starring Christina Ricci and featuring the voice of Malachi Pearson as Casper the ghost. The villains were all over-the-top failures and that helps take some of the scary factor out of them.

2. E.T. - this one is a bit more intense, but still a safe bet for most of the youngest audience members. My favorite scene is when Gerty takes the little alien trick-or-treating.

3. Halloweentown - I think this series is only available on television, but it's well worth the watch. 

4. Hocus Pocus - okay, I absolutely love this one. The make-up is deliciously hideous and the three witches are evil enough to make me shiver.

5. Hotel Transylvania - I like everything about this film. Just all-around fun.

6. Labyrinth - David Bowie is pretty scary in this one, but I loved the Muppets and the story itself.

7. Nightmare Before Christmas - some may argue that this is a Christmas story, and it is. But it's also a great Halloween story. I love Tim Burton's work, and this is one of my favorites of his.

8. Pooh's Heffelump Halloween Movie - This is a fun watch for even the youngest audience member. Poor Pooh is always thinking of his rumbly tummy, so of course he's going to eat all the Halloween candy. The Heffelumps and Woozles have always been some of my favorite Milne characters.

9. Something Wicked This Way Comes - a little intense for the youngest viewers, but a good thriller-type movie for those a bit older. Some really creepy scenes that sent chills down my spine.

10. The Addams Family movies - I'm old enough to remember when The Addams Family made their television review, so I was happy to see them make a come-back in these silly movies. 

11. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - This 1949 Disney production is a lot of fun. 

12. The Witches - Another incident of great make-up! These are some fairly frightening witches, and the hotel is rampant with them, so you might want to be near in case it's too intense for the younger ages. 

13. Twitches - I love watching this story of magical twins. More of a chick flick for the younger set, but still a worthwhile watch.

That's my list of favorites. I'd love to know if I've missed any that you particularly enjoy.

I'll be back tomorrow with a post about Jack-O-Lanterns. Hope to see you then.

Happy Reading!

Cordelia Dinsmore


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