Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cannibal Island is Out!


I can't help but notice that many of the blogs I subscribe to are filled with comments about spring. It's a fabulous time of year - especially if you aren't plagued with allergies. Once the forsythia blooms are blown away in the Kansas wind, my eyes will begin working again and I can get back to editing. I'm nearly finished with it, and I can't believe the changes in Michaela's Gift already. Acquiring an editor was a feat I feared I would never accomplish, and I'm so thankful that I received one with so much  insight into what my novel needed. I will laud her with praises later.

Right now I want to lavish all my boundless exuberance on fellow author, Cornell Deville. His second novel with Musa Publishing, Cannibal Island, is now available, and it will blow your socks off. Well, not literally, but it's a great steampunk adventure filled with action and interesting characters. And villains. And treasure. And fun.

So check it out. Then be sure to let me know what you thought of it. I'd love to hear your opinions. In the near future I am planning an interview with one of Cannibal Island's characters. I went back in time to accomplish this, and I'm still recovering from the trip. That's my excuse for getting behind in my blog posts.

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend. I would be out mowing the grass that has sprouted up to alarming heights over the last week, but it has rained every, single. day. of spring break, so it's way too wet. So I'm going to relax and catch up on my reading.

Thanks for stopping by, and help yourself to a doughnut and cup of coffee before you leave.


Adam said...

Oooh! Cannibal Island sounds like just the kind of book I would love to read. Where can I buy a copy?

Cordelia Dinsmore said...

Hi, Adam. Sorry I didn't include that information. It's available from Musa Publishing, of course. You can also find it at, and soon at Barnes&Noble. I'm not sure where else.

Trish said...

And it is a great book too. congratulations, Cornell DeVille.

Oh, why did you have to offer doughnuts, Cordelia? You know I can never resist them. Look what happened when that woman in the doughnut shop gave me a box full because they were closing and she didn't want to throw them out. Mind, she did ask me if I had kids first. I didn't know that she meant little kids, so I said yes. So what was I supposed to do with them? Give them to the grandkids? Well, I would have but they didn't live near me back then, so I ate them, all twelve of them. Yum! Hang on! Before you go calling me greedy guts, they were miniature doughnuts.

Good luck with the book, Cornelle.

Sharon Ledwith said...

This Cornell DeVille sounds intriguing. I wonder, is he perchance related to Cruella? Either way, I've purchased his ebook and look forward to a romp into the past!

Cordelia Dinsmore said...

Thanks so much, Trish and Sharon, for stopping by and commenting. I downloaded the book a short while ago and have read the first three chapters so far. I like the monkey! I hope he has a great part in the story. But it sounds pretty scary so I hope he's okay.

Anonymous said...

Ah ,your blog is just a great place to visit, lights mu;sic, Cordelia! Great review of Cornell DeVille.


C.K. Garner

Cordelia Dinsmore said...

Thank you, C.K. for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I see you're now following me, too, so thank you especially for that. I'm trying to build up my audience a bit. Hope you find the time and incentive to return often. What's your genre?

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